I am an officer in the Indian Police Service of the 1989 batch, Maharashtra State. This blog will be my ‘Pensieve’ for thoughts on policing.

Since this blog is meant for discussing solutions on the problems in policing in India, those Comments, which are irrelevant , will be moderated. All Comments are pre approved by me, before they are uploaded for public viewing.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. While the idea to deter the corruption is good, it has its flip-side. Ascertaining the bonafides of the complainant and the genuineness of the complaint is the real challenge. Else this may end up being a tool for settling personal scores and can be rampantly misused by unsavory elements to tarnish somebody’s image or social reputation. If upright employees are subjected to such humiliation, it may have a tremendous demoralizing effect. Today mainline media picking up “stories” from such portals is a common practice. Then starts the ugly race for sensationalization and the trial by media. What mechanism does the author have to deal with this lacunae?


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