Cost of a Police Station

A police station is considered the basic unit of policing. So if we enumerate what the functions of a police station are, we should get a good idea on the resource requirements for good policing. A police station is set up to cater to the detection and prevention of crimes taking place in a limited … Continue reading Cost of a Police Station

Welfare of Policemen

Working or being on duty for extraordinary number of hours everyday and on holidays and not having anything which can remotely resemble a work life balance, is the story of the Indian police, especially at the lower rungs from the Constable to the Inspector. Added to this woe, is the nature of work.  To give … Continue reading Welfare of Policemen

Importance of Planning in the Modernization of State Police

Following is an article I wrote for Gujarat’s Raksha Shakti Police University’s magazine, ‘Kavach’, on the importance of planning and plan funds for State police organizations. Police in India has traditionally functioned without a long term planning process. The general consensus being that policing was a substantially manpower deployment based department, where man-management was … Continue reading Importance of Planning in the Modernization of State Police

Crime Victimization Surveys for Police Reforms

Initiating the reforms process in policing in India has been a difficult issue to tackle. The efforts from retired police officers like Mr Prakash Singh and organizations like Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative resulted in directions from the Supreme Court for implementing police reforms. However, there has been no eagerness gushing forth on the implementation. The … Continue reading Crime Victimization Surveys for Police Reforms

Urgently Needed: Crime Victimisation Surveys 

I was recently reading about the state of corporate governance in India and of the focussed way in which we have framed the issue for corporate regulators like the Corporate Affairs Ministry and SEBI over the years. Since 2000 and again in 2003 with 2 committees to formulate thought on corporate governance from the investor … Continue reading Urgently Needed: Crime Victimisation Surveys 

Smart Roads for Smart Traffic Policing

Traffic on Indian roads-whether it is highways or internal roads is usually chaotic. It is always a challenging problem to solve a road indiscipline issue on Indian roads.  During my stint at CIDCO, I had an opportunity to work with city planners to address this problem affecting a large stretch of about 300 hectares of … Continue reading Smart Roads for Smart Traffic Policing

From Ideas to Actions

I’m back with the Police department after a very enjoyable deputation stint with CIDCO. I’ve been thinking about what I can do from my current position in the State Police HQ to implement the ideas that I’ve been blogging about. Interestingly, I found an order of the Ayush dept of Government of India, which mentioned … Continue reading From Ideas to Actions

Solutions to Problems

A few days ago, I was in Delhi to understand the processes and operation of Integrity Pact in Steel Authority of India (SAIL). Integrity Pact (IP, for short) is an interesting idea developed by Transparency International It is a voluntarily made agreement binding the signing parties to non-corrupt tender practices during the period of … Continue reading Solutions to Problems

How Much Autonomy is Good for Policing

In the past few months, there has been intermittent news on transfers, promotions and postings in the police department. There was news about anguish in the police department at the controls exercised by the bureaucracy and political hierarchy on these issues. There was also the demand for autonomy to the CBI for the purpose of … Continue reading How Much Autonomy is Good for Policing